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EV Charger Installation in Scottsdale, Arizona

Fast, Efficient Charging Setups for Electric Vehicle Drivers in Scottsdale and the Surrounding Areas

If you drive a Tesla or another type of electric vehicle, having reliable access to the right charging equipment is essential. At Castle Electrical & Lighting, we offer our customers access to professional charging equipment from trusted manufacturers like Tesla, as well as expert wiring and installation services. No matter what kind of electric vehicle you drive, how often you use it, or what kind of charging station you want to set up, we offer you great products, personalized service, and fantastic results.

Explore EV Charger Options for Your Vehicle

  • Level 1 Chargers – The most basic type of electric vehicle charger, these are most commonly found in residential dwellings and provide between 4 kW to 8 kW of charging power. 
  • Level 2 Chargers – Level two chargers offer up to 20kW of charging power and can be installed in both residential and commercial properties. 
  • DC Fast Chargers – These charges provide an output of 40kW to 100kw and are used at public charging stations, rest stops, and other locations along busy highways. 
  • Ultra-Fast Chargers – The newest type of charger on the market, these chargers operate above 150kW and offer the fastest possible charge time for electric cars.
  • Tesla Chargers – Tesla offers a range of specialized chargers designed with their vehicles in mind that provide optimal voltage and charging speed. Tesla chargers can come in a variety of levels, including ultra-fast.

Benefits of Installing a Personal EV Charging Station

Would you rather charge your car with random public equipment that you have to pay for every time, or a personal charging station that you know inside and out and that can be used as much as you want with no additional fees? Installing your own charging station gives you a designated charging area that’s always available for your use, 24/7. 

Having your own charging equipment is better for your battery life and the long-term health of your vehicle. And studies show that charging your vehicle at public stations can cost almost as much as going to the gas station, so using your personal charger can help you save money in the long run.

Don’t wait - trust the pros at Castle Electrical & Lighting to set you up with a personalized, highly efficient EV charging station of your own. Call our Scottsdale office at (480) 908-9778 today to get started with a free estimate!

DIY vs Professional EV Charger Installation: What You Need to Know

While some Level 1 chargers may be simple enough for homeowners to install themselves, it is generally recommended to hire a professional electrician for EV charger installation. 

EV chargers require proper electrical connections and safety precautions to ensure safe and efficient operation. Castle Electrical & Lighting has the expertise and experience to install EV chargers safely and in compliance with local codes and regulations.

Electrical Panel Assessment for EV Charger Installation

Depending on the electrical capacity of your home and the requirements of the EV charger, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel to accommodate the additional load. 

Castle Electrical & Lighting can assess your electrical panel and provide recommendations for any necessary upgrades to ensure safe and efficient operation of your EV charger.

Certified Tesla Wall Connector Installers

Castle Electrical & Lighting is officially trained and certified to install Tesla car charging products, including Wall Connector. Wall Connector represents the peak of Tesla’s EV charging technology. 

What Are the Benefits of a Tesla Wall Connector?

With wi-fi connectivity, multi-vehicle charging capabilities, access control features, and other great features, Wall Connector offers Tesla drivers an unparalleled charging experience, one that we’re proud to bring to our customers.

Wall Connector is compatible with:

  • Model S
  • Model X
  • Model 3
  • And Model Y Tesla vehicles

It is capable of an output of up to 11.5 kW / 48 amp and can provide up to 44 miles of range per hour of charge. Wall Charger is also compatible with most household electrical systems, and its power levels can be customized to fit your circuit breaker or panel.

Ready to get Wall Connector installed in your home? Call our Scottsdale Tesla installers at (480) 908-9778 or reach out to us online!

Why Choose Us? What We're All About

  • Tesla Certified Installers
  • Timely & Efficient Service
  • Service With Integrity
  • Glowing Reputation
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Locally Owned & Operated

Partnered with Qmerit to Bring You the Best in Charging Technology

Tesla isn’t the only institution that we work with here at Castle Electrical & Lighting. We’ve also partnered with Qmerit, a national authority on clean energy and electrification. Working with Qmerit gives us access to additional charging equipment and solutions.

So, whether Wall Connector is the perfect choice for your Tesla or you’re in the market for something different, our relationship with Qmerit allows us to accommodate your needs and build you the perfect home charging station.

To learn more about the EV charging solutions available through Qmerit for customers in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas, call (480) 908-9778 today!

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