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Castle Electrical & Lighting is a team of professionals that values your time, which is why we work hard to be timely and efficient when you need reliable solutions. It’s important to us that you have a fast and reliable team to call when your electrical system stops working. If you ever notice abnormal operations with your electrical system, you must avoid trying DIY repairs or continuing to use damaged components. Choose safety over a quick fix by trusting our professionals for skilled electrical repair services in Scottsdale.

For electrical solutions small and large, call us today at (480) 908-9778 or fill out our online contact form.

Typical Electrical Breakdowns

Losing electricity is more inconvenient than you realize, as the simplest tasks become challenging, from turning on the light to hearing the news. 

Here are a few common electrical problems you may experience:

  • Overloaded circuits: Many older homes may struggle to manage the high wattage today’s smart appliances require. If this is the case, you may constantly struggle with flipped breakers or other issues. This can cause excessive wear and tear on your system, but it can be solved by adding more circuits or upgrading your electrical panel.
  • Flickering lights: Check your lightbulb to ensure it’s tightened. If this isn’t the cause, frayed wires behind your walls may be causing shorts that redirect electricity and cause arcing. This can put your home at risk for an electrical fire. Trust Castle Electrical & Lighting for dependable electrical repair in Scottsdale to find the cause of your flickering lights.
  • Hot-to-the-touch components: If your home is over 40 years old, the outdated wiring can become loose or exposed and begin to arc, causing shorts or ground faults. Not only does this take a considerable toll on your electrical system, but it can cause outlets or your electrical panel to be hot to the touch. We recommend that you stop using whatever component is overheating and call our professionals immediately for a solution.

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How to Prevent Electrical Issues

Often your electrical system is out of sight and out of mind, but it becomes increasingly clear how everything in your home uses electricity when your system begins to malfunction. 

Here are a few tips to extend the lifespan of your electrical system and stay safe:

  • Monitor for damaged cords
  • Minimize the use of extension cords
  • Only use the correct wattage for light fixtures
  • Don’t attempt DIY solutions

Before plugging in an appliance, computer, or lamp, always check the cord for damage or fraying. An exposed line indicates that there may be unsafe wires that can cause a fire. Don’t hide these cables under a carpet or behind furniture where they may become damaged without you realizing it. In older homes, without enough outlets for today’s heavy electronic use, it can be common to solve this problem with extension cords quickly. However, a full extension cord will overload the circuit and cause extensive wear and tear on your system.

Similarly, ignoring wattage requirements on light fixtures or appliances will cause significant damage to your system over a short period. Following the manufacturer’s requirements for wattage is critical to ensure the safe operation of your lights. If something does break on your electrical system, don’t attempt DIY repairs because electrical components are dangerous. Instead, trust the team at Castle Electrical & Lighting when you need professional electrical repair in Scottsdale.

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