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Wiring & Rewiring in Scottsdale

Keep Up With Safety Requirements

Many of today’s technology needs higher wattage than older wiring can handle. This can cause an overloaded circuit, frayed wiring, and electrical fires. If you experience recurring issues with your electrical system, like constantly using extension cords or frequent outages, it may be time to schedule our expert wiring and rewiring services in Scottsdale. Castle Electrical & Lighting values our customer’s time, so we work hard to be timely and prompt when you need us. Our experienced professionals are here to help keep your space safe with reliable wiring.

Don’t put up with faulty electrical systems! Schedule your free estimate by calling us at (480) 908-9778 or filling out our online contact form.

Signs You Need Rewiring

Your electrical system is critical to keep your everyday routine running smoothly. 

If your system has any of these issues, it may be time for new wires:

  • The system is 20+ years old: The National Electric Code (NEC) is updated every three years, nearly seven times over 20 years. This means your system could be outdated and not have the newer grounding or GFCI requirements that make your electrical system safer. Don’t continue to risk an electrical hazard when rewiring can make your home safe today.
  • You smell burning: If you smell burning or your panel or outlets are ever hot to the touch, this indicates loose connections or faulty wiring that’s arcing behind your walls. These sparks can burn your outlets, cause discoloring, and eventually create a fire. Stop using this component immediately and call our professionals for a solution.
  • Heavy reliance on power strips: Homes built in the 70s or 80s didn’t use electronics as heavily as we do today. So, there aren’t enough outlets for our gaming systems, laptops, phones, and home automation systems. Having a full extension cord in every room of your space will overload the sockets and flip your circuit breakers. Our skilled wiring and rewiring services in Scottsdale can solve this problem in the long term by increasing the number of circuits in your home to better support your power needs.

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Electrical Accessories to Add to Your Home

During new construction or renovation, it’s essential that you add to your electrical system any accessories you may want now or in the future. By adding the wiring requirements now, you can save money on installation later. Here are a few additions to consider when improving your space:

If you’re interested in home automation, smart accessories like switches, blinds, or programmable lights need extra wiring throughout your home. This investment can make your routines easier with smart home automation’s customization.

If you’re interested in a second income or supporting aging family members, an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) can provide a personalized space nearby while maintaining privacy. Keep an eye on your loved ones while giving them a space they can make your own, with their own electrical.

Security lighting ensures your home is protected by deterring thieves that don’t want to be seen. Floodlights, landscape lighting, a motion censored lights can create a ring of security around your home by removing the shadows criminals hide in.

Castle Electrical & Lighting is here to help your home prosper with our professional wiring and rewiring services in Scottsdale. There’s nothing more important to us than helping our community stay safe and comfortable with a reliable electrical system.

When you need comprehensive electrical services you can trust, Castle Electrical & Lighting is here to help! Call us at (480) 908-9778 and schedule your free estimate.

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